What can Physiotherapy do for you?

The Physiotherapy Clinic offers a whole range of treatments to suit the individual's needs. All of our clinics and services are staffed by fully qualified caring professionals and provide a comprehensive advisory and treatment service for all types of physical injuries, stress and other ailments which require physiotherapy.

These include:

Physiotherapy Clinics

Physiotherapy Clinics treat a range of conditions. All treatment programmes will be individually designed for you, the patient. A treatment programme could include a number of modalities including manipulation, mobilisation, electrotherapy and an exercise programme, as well as specific advice.

Sports Injuries

The staff in the clinic have a broad experience of all sports injuries, but in particular those sustained in football, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis and shooting at Olympic and elite levels. The most common sports injuries include hamstring injuries, muscle strains and ligament strains.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine and is very safe when practised by Chartered Physiotherapists who have undergone post-graduate training. In this clinic it can be used on its own or in conjunction with other physio-therapeutic techniques. It is primarily used for pain relief and pain management and it is often worth trying acupuncture for conditions that have not responded well to orthodox methods. All needles are disposable.

Breathing Difficulties

We offer help and advice on all types of breathing problems including asthma and chronic bronchitis. We will help to re-educate breathing patterns where necessary, particularly in hyper-ventilation syndromes.


We offer assessment and treatment of pain relief and muscle weakness as well as improving the range of movement in affected joints and advice on joint protection and the avoidance of joint stress.

Neurological Conditions

We offer detailed maintenance programmes, exercises and advice to help all patients recovering from strokes or suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease or other neurological disorders.

Mechanical Assessment

A full mechanical assessment with gait analysis will help to identify problems, many painful feet, knee, hip and back problems can lead to poor alignment through the whole body which can increase pain and cause problems elsewhere.

Pain and Stress Management

We can offer therapy to help provide chronic pain relief as well as stress management programmes to help cope with everyday life stresses.

We also offer a training programme to manage and improve problems around stress incontinence.

Remedial Massage

We offer massage therapy involving joint and soft tissue manipulation to restore normal function by improving circulation and flexibility while decreasing muscular tension, stress levels and easing pain.

Workstation (Ergonomic) Assessment Services

Work station assessment and review both in the office and the factory are an integral part of our service. Companies and individuals approach us to ensure staff are appropriately assessed to comply with current Health & Safety Legislation in order to minimise the risks of developing industrial injuries. We can also help develop a return to work programme for those individuals who have unfortunately suffered from such problems.

Industrial Clinics

We offer a range of advice, treatment and rehabilitation of people with industrial injuries. Specific rehabilitation programmes can be designed by visiting the workplace of the individual. Work place station design is also part of the service and many medium and large companies benefit from outside treatment clinics. Local arrangements can be made to suit your circumstances.


We also offer one to one Pilates instruction and exercises for posture correction and muscle group strengthening and flexibility. Pilates is good for general health and well-being and helps to improve core strength, improve your balance and stretch key muscle groups. Exercises are tailored to your own specific needs and there is no age limit.